Pinterest Niche Trends for Creators

Pinterest Trends video thumbnail by Kordial Media Pinterest Marketing Agency.

  Today is all about the Pinterest niche trends and the ones that you really want to tackle in your business because they can perform well on Pinterest. However, before we dive in, please give this video a like, subscribe, and hit the bell to be notified every single time I post a new video here […]


Some Pinterest accounts get 100,000 monthly views, which others get 10,000,000 monthly views. What makes an account reach that level of success? Let’s dive into it. The Pinterest Account is SEO Optimized Before pinning anything, you need to do your keyword research, and optimize your Pinterest account. Keywords for your business need to be placed […]

How to Create Multiple Boards Related to Your Niche

Want to know how to create multiple boards related to your niche? Keep reading to find out how! ? Create Multiple Boards Related to Your Niche You want to create many specific boards in regards to your niche and site. I recommend you start with creating at least 20 boards. For example, in the case […]