How to Create Pinterest Audiences

Today, I am going to show you exactly how to create a custom audience list on a Pinterest to help you run promoted pin campaigns. Before we dive in, don’t forget to hit the big red subscribe button and to hit the bell. As well, If you’d like to work with me and my Pinterest […]

How to Set Up the Pinterest Tag

PINTEREST TAG & CATALOG ON SHOPIFY Steps to set up the tap on Shopify: That’s all it takes! Please note that the tag also automatically syncs your Shopify catalog and installs the addtocart event code, the checkout event code and the pagevisits event code. It does not automatically install the other event codes. PINTEREST TAG […]

Promoted Pin Tips for Fashion Blogs & Stores

In today’s post, we have a really special guest who’s going to talk to us about promoted pin tips for the fashion niche. Her name is Heather Farris. She also runs a Pinterest marketing agency and she knows a whole lot about how to run campaigns for fashion businesses. Before we dive in it with […]