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Pinterest Best Practices

Let’s start off by talking about the Pinterest best practices when it comes to video ads. From creating your video ad to begin with, you wanna make sure that it’s in the right dimensions and that you have the right text and content on your video ad to help it perform in the algorithm on Pinterest, when you come to run your promoted pins. So I like to utilize Canva and I utilize the dimensions 1000 by 1500 px in order to create my video ads.

If you have a piece of content, a video of some sort that you’ve already used in the past on Instagram, or perhaps on Facebook, you can upload it to Canva and custom fit it to represent the right Pinterest dimensions. I like to just drag my video into my template, and then I start adding the remaining elements to the pin that will help it perform better. I like to add text overlay that is engaging on all my video pin ads. Next, I like to add branding and as well, I like to add a call to action. Really, really important to add a call to action. Don’t forget this important step.


That’s everything to know when you are designing your actual Pinterest creative for your promoted pins. Now let’s say you haven’t shot a video at all. And you’d like to go ahead and do so, make sure that you are showing not saying. Okay, so whatever you’re promoting, make sure you are visually showing what you are promoting and how to utilize the product or service that you are promoting, as opposed to just simply talking about it in a video. The reason why I say this is because, first of all, Pinterest users don’t listen to video with the sound on. And second of all, they only watch about eight seconds of the video.

You want to make sure that it’s engaging and interesting. Watching somebody just chatting along in a video is not nearly as engaging as actually seeing visually what you are promoting. To take it a notch further, you can use closed captions on your video pin creatives in order to boost your video ad performance on Pinterest as well. I’ve done this in the past for some of my services, and I have seen tremendous click-through rates as a result of adding closed captions on my video pin ads. Lastly, if you are showcasing a product, you wanna think about how you can show it in a lifestyle way.


For example, if you sell canvases, then make sure that you are showing your canvases within your home, as opposed to simply on a random background, or if you are showcasing shoes, for example, or clothing, make sure that the people are wearing the shoes and the clothing at a party or perhaps at school, as opposed to just showing it in front of maybe a photo shoot setting. Next, I wanna talk about how many video ads you should actually add within each ad group you’re creating. So the rule of thumb is between two and four video ads per ad group. That is the minimum requirement is really two, the maximum requirements is really four.

The reason why you don’t want to exceed four is because the ad group can not accurately test all creatives if there’s more than four and actually push the budget towards the most performing one, if there’s just simply too many. On the flip side, if you only have two creatives, your Pinterest ad might have a little bit more of a hard time finding its audience and therefore it might not actually even spend your entire budget.

Notes to Remember

Make sure you really are adding between two and four Pinterest video ads in every single ad group. Notice how I haven’t spoken about static images. Well, obviously this is a video on video ads, but when it comes to static images with your promoted pin strategy, you wanna make sure that you are testing them in a separate ad group altogether. Don’t mix your static creatives with your video creatives when it comes to promoted pins within one ad group. The reason why you want to separate the two is because the video pins tend to eat up the entire budget of the ad group. If you’re mixing video pins with static images within the same ad group then your static images will not have a fighting chance against the video creatives as the budget will go all to the video creatives.

If you want to see if your static images can perform against your video ads, then separate them into two ad groups. Keep in mind that the video feed on Pinterest is only about 20% of the algorithm. Therefore, when you are only putting video ads within a campaign, then your ad is only being shown to 20% of your audience.


You can be daring and test the two in the same ad group, so video and images in the same ad group and see whether or not an image is strong enough to compete with a video. However, I only recommend doing this If you’re noticing that your video click-through rate is below one percent. Usually a video click-through rate is above one percent. If it’s below 1%, then a static image within the same ad group might have a chance of beating the video. Maybe you’re wondering where to actually put your video creatives within your actual funnel when it comes to promoted pins. For example, you wanted to test a consideration campaign, a conversion campaign, and a catalog sales campaign, which campaign should you utilize video creative? Should you be utilizing video creatives for all three?

Here’s what you should know

Your consideration campaign and your traffic campaign, these are two campaigns that you have the option to add video creatives in. Say the conversion campaign is a cold campaign and the traffic campaign is a retargeted campaign, then you want to add your video creatives preferably in your conversion campaign. I say this because normally video ads tend to perform better than static images. Giving your cold conversion campaign, its best chance to perform would mean integrating video ads within that campaign.

Now, when it comes to utilizing traffic campaigns to retarget an old, warmer audience, then you can get away with simply using static images. This is only the case for people who really have limited amounts of videos for their business. However, if you have unlimited amount of videos for your business, then I welcome you to test out video creatives for all types of campaigns. My next tip for you is all about when do you replace your video creatives within your campaigns. Let’s say you run campaigns for the first two weeks and you notice two of the videos pins outperformed. Turn off the ones that don’t perform and add in a third one to test.

Strategy Idea

You can shut off those two video creatives that were not performing. Leave the two that were performing well for as long as they keep converting. Then, once you see them no longer converting that’s when you can turn them off and replace them. What I’m saying is you can start with four, turn off the ones that aren’t working. You can also add in a third one at the same time, or turn off two. Then, let the two that were working run for as long as possible. When those two no longer starts to work, that’s when you can replace them.

That pretty much concludes all of my Pinterest ads video tips for you. I do have a full Pinterest ads cheat sheet code that you can download. It teaches you how to optimize your campaigns based on what’s going on within your campaign.

Bonus: Wondering how to use your Reels in Pinterest Ads?

Here’s a tutorial:


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