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So you want to build a Pinterest strategy, but you have no clue where to begin. I hear you. When I started, I didn’t know where to begin either. And with the ever-changing features of this platform, literally who can keep up and find a way to plot world domination online? Luckily for you, I do stay on top of Pinterest platform changes and strategy updates. So today, I want to share with you the four elements of my personal Pinterest growth strategy that’s helped my clients grow their Pinterest monthly views to well over 1 million, as well as generate thousands of monthly page views on their website.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important element to begin your strategy with. Because Pinterest is primarily a search engine, Your content needs to be Pinterest SEO friendly in order to rank and get found on Pinterest. The only way to optimize your search rankings is really by figuring out which keywords your business identifies with on this platform the most.

You want to figure out the categories and the subcategories within your business first. Write them down, analyze exactly what it is that your business is about, and make sure you see it firsthand on a paper. This will be the keywords that you are going to use as the base of your keyword research on Pinterest.

Now I won’t sugar coat this. Doing keyword research takes time, thoughtfulness, and it takes a lot of intention. If you haven’t actually seen my video on how to do keyword research, it’ll be linked in the description box below, and it teaches you the five different ways that you can do keyword research on Pinterest.

However, once the keyword research process is completely done, this will help level up your strategy and will set you up for the second element of this strategy, which is optimizing your profile.

Optimizing your Profile

If you did your keyword research right, and you start optimizing your profile the right way as well, this can increase your monthly views by at least 500%. I’ve seen this on client accounts myself. Once I go in there with the right keywords, subcategories and I implement the right optimization tools for their account, I see their account grow to drastically.

Optimizing your account actually comes down to the four crucial elements across your profile: the display name, profile description, board titles and board descriptions. Some Pinterest experts will tell you board descriptions are useless. However, whenever Pinterest gives you a section on your profile to add keywords, you want to take advantage of that.

Uploading Pins

Now that your account is completely optimized, your next step is to start uploading pins. In full transparency, using a scheduler like Tailwind can really help increase your reach, growth, and your overall success on Pinterest. When I started my Pinterest strategy three years ago for my blog, Tailwind is probably the single most important element to my strategy at the time, because, although keywords were always important, Tailwind was able to distribute my content to the right people and put it in front of the right audience.

Why I Love Tailwind

The first reason why I absolutely love Tailwind is because it actually will publish your pins at the most engaged times of your profile. As well, you are able to use Tailwind to schedule one pin to multiple different boards.

My Tailwind Strategy

Personally, for every pin I decide to publish through Tailwind, I do not pin it to more than three to five boards. Normally, I stick to that range because or else, you can over-pin unnecessarily. I also like to set my Tailwind schedule to between eight and 20 pins a day. If you need help a Tailwind tutorial, I do have a video that teaches you exactly how to post a pin on Pinterest, as well as how to post a pin through Tailwind.

Which Type of Content Can You Upload on Pinterest?

This comes down to figuring out your end goal as to why you want to use Pinterest, and where you want to direct traffic. I highly suggest limiting the different amounts of social medias and platforms that you drive traffic to through your Pinterest account. The reason being is that you end up diluting the potential traffic to each channel when you are trying to drive traffic to multiple channels.

What I like to do the most is drive traffic to blog posts. And within those articles is where my clients will then do their selling. Maybe they’ll have affiliate links, maybe they’ll have a discount code that they want you to use, or maybe they have their personal products that they’re trying to sell through their blog posts.

Crucial Elements of an SEO Friendly Pin

Pinterest SEO title, description, and alt text. At the end you can add a link too. If you’re uploading a video, you can also add up to 10 tags. Personally, I only pin video pins on Pinterest, not through Tailwind.

Keep in mind that when adding a destination link, you always want to link to a specific piece of content.

My Advice to You After Watching this Video

Take what I’ve said in this video and compare it with your personal strategy, to see how you can implement some of the things that I’ve mentioned. Give it a good six months of consistently pinning 8 to 20 pins a day, and then decide whether or not your strategy is working for you.

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For over 3 years, Adrianna has designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for her own websites and those of her clients. She exclusively dedicates her time to growing clients’ website traffic through Pinterest Marketing. When she’s not working on Kordial Media, she enjoys a great workout with friends and cooking with her family!