Pinterest Account Fast Growth Hacks


So you want to grow your Pinterest account fast, but you have no idea where to begin. I hear you, I was there just maybe four years ago, but after months and months and years of trial and error, I now have concluded that there are certain elements that really do help level up your Pinterest strategy, especially in 2021, that helps you grow really, really fast and that I implement all for my clients. You are getting my exclusive Pinterest strategy growth hacks today on the Kordial Media YouTube channel. If you’re excited for this video, give me a subscribe, hit the bell, to let me know that you are excited to dive in deep to my growth hacks.

Implement SEO

By SEO, I mean keywords. You need to implement keywords, long-tail keywords, the right ones for your business throughout your profile and on all of your pins, in order to have your pins rank in the Pinterest algorithm for your niche, and in order to start gaining those monthly views and having your pins index in the right places on the Pinterest algorithm. Something to note that’s really important here, and that will not help your strategy grow is keyword stuffing, avoid at all costs keyword stuffing.

All descriptions need to be read as natural language. All of your display name keywords should be also read seamlessly like natural language. Your profile sentence should be read as natural language too. If you need a board description templates, as well as pin description templates that are read in natural language, but that still allow you to implement the right keywords for your business, you can download my guides for free.

Publish Fresh Pins

Step number two for actually making sure that you are growing fast is to start publishing blog posts frequently and publishing fresh pins frequently as well. Pinterest wants to be fed with new images all the time. They don’t want you repurposing images, re-pinning images, or using stock images. Limit the amount of pins that are from other people’s content as well. You want to create your own content.

Capitalize on Trends

Step number three, that’s a really big growth hack is to capitalize on trends every single month before they really start to take off. Pinterest usually will take off a trend pretty frequently. Like some trends are obviously random, but like when it comes to that seasonality, you can plan ahead for trends like those. F

or Christmas, for example, if you want to do a gift guide, you know, around December check the trends tools, see when these searches gifts for her or gifts for him starts to pick up in the algorithm and plan your content for right before the trend really does take off based on the previous year’s trend report. I do this for my clients, or I encourage my clients to utilize the trends to really create their content. They find that it’s been really helpful, not only for Pinterest SEO, but for Google SEO too. It helps level up their overall traffic strategy, both on Google and Pinterest to capitalize on trends every single month.

Create Idea Pins

Step number four if you really want to grow fast is to create idea pins. You can create as many as one idea pin every single day, but I publish one idea pin every week. However, if I was just growing an account from complete scratch and I was really trying to ramp up the monthly impressions or the monthly views, then I would absolutely be creating an idea pin every single day. The only catch with this is that they’ve got to be quality idea pins, and they’ve got to provide tutorial based ideas that people can then recreate and save for later and get inspiration from.

Creating idea pins consistently daily can be very time-consuming and can be draining in terms of the number of ideas that you come up with, because you don’t want to create idea pins with only one slide, like I’ve been seeing a lot across the board. You need to create idea pins with the least five slides as part of a Pinterest best practices. Now, if you need a full tutorial on how to create idea pins to grow, I have a video all about that you can watch here.

Create Video Pins

Step number five to growing fast on Pinterest, and this tip really does help increase monthly views, and that is to create video pins. Video pins have been getting a lot of traction on the platform in the last year and a half to two years. Pinterest is pushing them in algorithm quite a bit. If you want to grow your monthly views and start seeing clicks to your website, create video pins. If you don’t know how to create video pins properly for your business, I also have a video on that you can check out here.


For over 3 years, Adrianna has designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for her own websites and those of her clients. She exclusively dedicates her time to growing clients’ website traffic through Pinterest Marketing. When she’s not working on Kordial Media, she enjoys a great workout with friends and cooking with her family!