Me & my team took Fridays off for a month. How did it go? {Vlog}


In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find a work-life balance. One way to tackle this issue is by taking time off regularly. In this vlog, I shared my experience of taking Fridays off with my team and how it affected us.

At the beginning of the month

We were all excited about the prospect of having long weekends and using the extra time to focus on personal interests. However, we also knew that we had to make up for the lost day by being more productive on the other four working days. To ensure that we remained on track, we decided to set realistic goals and deadlines for the month.

As the month progressed

We found that having a three-day weekend made a significant difference in our productivity levels. With an extra day to relax and recharge, we were more focused and motivated when we returned to work on Monday. We also found that we were more creative and innovative in our approach to tasks, resulting in better-quality work.

Taking Fridays off also allowed us to enjoy more quality time with our families and friends, pursue hobbies, and engage in other activities that we usually don’t have time for during the week. It made us appreciate our work-life balance more and helped us to feel more connected to our personal lives.

There were also some challenges that we faced during this experiment.

The most significant of these was the need to ensure that we completed all our work within four days. This meant that we had to be more efficient with our time and prioritize our tasks carefully.

Another challenge was that we had to ensure that our team members were not left with too much work on the days we were off. This required clear communication and planning to ensure that everyone had equal workload distribution.


Overall, our experiment of taking Fridays off for a month was a success. It allowed us to strike a balance between work and personal life and made us more productive and creative in our work. It also gave us a better appreciation of the importance of taking time off regularly and how it can positively impact our well-being and productivity.

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