How To Pin To Get Leads


Want to know how to pin to get leads? Keep reading to find out the best way for you.

?Organic Strategy

From an organic standpoint, the best way to pin for local services is through the keywords you use in your board descriptions, pin descriptions, title and bio. Evidently, if you are a real estate agent in Austin Texas for example, the keyword “Austin Texas Real Estate Agent” should be prevalent in most of your descriptions. Keep in mind the bigger the city and the more popular your service is, the more likely you are to get traction.

?Organic Leads

When it comes to getting leads organically, one thing I suggest is creating a freebie that would allow you to collect emails that you could then email/nurture over time. Those email subscribers can become leads eventually.

?How to Create a Freebie that Attracts emails

Create a freebie around your most asked question. As well, make sure your description is filled with long tail keywords.

?Paid Strategy

I won’t sugar coat this. If paid advertising on Pinterest isn’t part of your 2021 strategy, you cannot expect impressive results. Realistically, particularly for a local business, you’ll get the best results from targeting a campaign to your region whether you’re trying to get site traffic of leads. It’s as simple as that.

?Paid Lead Generation

When it comes to generating leads from ads, you can either send your customers to a landing page which collects their contact info, or you can send them to a freebie, where you nurture the lead through email marketing. My suggestion is you send them to a freebie and redirect that page to a sales page for a free consultation thereafter.

?What type of campaign should you run?

At first, you should run traffic campaigns to your offer until you get 15 conversions at least. Once you get there, then you can switch your traffic campaigns to conversion campaigns.

Hope this helped you learn how to pin to get leads on Pinterest.

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For over 3 years, Adrianna has designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for her own websites and those of her clients. She exclusively dedicates her time to growing clients’ website traffic through Pinterest Marketing. When she’s not working on Kordial Media, she enjoys a great workout with friends and cooking with her family!