How to Create Pinterest Pins in Canva


Wouldn’t it be nice if you can create beautiful Pinterest pins that not only went viral but that actually converted too? Believe it or not, there is a way to create stunning pin graphics that not only resonate with your audience, but get you those site visits as well. If you want to learn how I create compelling pins for all of my agency clients, then you are in the right place.

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Log Into

Step number one to creating an awesome pin graphic is to, you guessed it, log into Once you’re in there, you want to set your dimensions to be custom. The reason being is that Pinterest wants images or Pinterest pins within its feed that respect the two to three measurements. For example, you can use 600 by 900 px. Then, you’re going to create all of your pin graphics within this one file on Canva.

Get the Right Images

The next thing that’s really important when you come to create your pin graphics is to make sure that you add a beautiful image that belongs to you. Yes, you can use stock images, but Pinterest knows when a stock image is a stock image because it’s seen that image on its platform before, which can hurt your organic reach. If you can prioritize your time when it comes to creating new images for your business and for yourself, then that could help level up your graphics significantly. I will say that my clients who have the most successful Pinterest accounts have beautiful, high-quality, personalized images that are on brand with their business and that solely belong to them.

Add Your Text Overlay on Your Pinterest Pins

Now that you have a stunning image and you’ve got your dimensions set, you need to add a text overlay. So you can obviously choose to add your title, or a certain type of sentence on your graphics. This is where you want to test different types of graphics. Sometimes, text overlay that takes up the entire graphic will perform better than a graphic with a smaller text overlay. Other times, it’s the opposite. It depends on your business and your website.

If you’re going to do text overlay and also showcase a beautiful image, make sure you’re contrasting the fonts and repurposing fonts from your website to stay on brand. You also want to make sure that the words that you’re using are Pinterest SEO friendly. If you haven’t seen my video on how to do keyword research and how to find keywords for your niche, business, blog and products, then it makes sure to check out this video here.

Once you’ve done your keyword research, this is where you want to pull some awesome keywords for your text overlay. Of course, these keywords should relate to the topic of your blog post or product that you’re linking to. It’s important that not only your text overlay be SEO friendly, but that it matches what’s on the other side of the link.

For example, let’s say, you have a blog on food and you want to write a recipe on a chocolate cake for a kids’ birthday party. You have to start by doing the keyword research to make sure that “kids chocolate cake recipe” is really a long tail keyword that’s looked up. You then use that keyword as the blog post title, and as your SEO friendly keyword on your graphic. This is the best way to make sure that your strategy is completely seamless.

Add a Call to Action to Your Pinterest Pins

Next come a super secret sauce element that a lot of people don’t do! Add a call to action button straight on the graphic. Adding a button like “make this for dinner tonight” or “style this look”, can help site visits. Consistently adding a call to action on your graphics is very important.

Testing Graphics as Your Pinterest Pins

You need to test different graphics and templates. Vary the type of content you’re working with to ensure you’re offering the platform something fresh. Canva has free templates you can customize to fit your brand colors, fonts, and logos.

You can start by creating 10 templates that are customized to your business, and then repurpose them every single week. If you need easy Canva templates for your pin graphics, download these. They indicate exactly how to style your graphics to increase clicks while respecting the Pinterest Best Practices. That way, you can have 3 graphics you can repurpose, without having to think like a graphic designer.

What About Publishing Regular Images Instead of Graphics?

image of a Adrianna from kordial media showing how to boos clicks with graphics for pinterest.

Maybe you’re wondering whether or not they’re even worth publishing on the platform. The answer is absolutely yes. If you have a blog post with 5 images, you can repurpose some to create your graphics. You can then publish both your graphics and your personal images all linking back to that one piece of content.

You’re testing what’s going to perform, and you’re giving your content its best chance to pick up steam. However, you don’t want to have 100 Pinterest pins linking back to one piece of content. It’s best to test between 5 and 10. Chances are, out of 10 Pinterest pins, maybe 2 will perform better than the others.


Now that you know exactly how to create a beautiful Pinterest pins graphic to actually get those conversions and increase those outbound pin clicks, make sure you watch this video on how to create a Pinterest profile cover that also helps you convert Pinterest users into followers.


For over 3 years, Adrianna has designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for her own websites and those of her clients. She exclusively dedicates her time to growing clients’ website traffic through Pinterest Marketing. When she’s not working on Kordial Media, she enjoys a great workout with friends and cooking with her family!