Are you Making these Consistency Pinterest Marketing Mistakes?


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​Hope you’re doing well! Last week, I was in the middle of a client account clean up, when ​I noticed a few particular Pinterest marketing mistakes this client had been making in the past.

Although most people feel they should upload their content to Pinterest quickly for the sake of having it up on the platform, building an authentic and strong Pinterest account takes time, consistency and work. You’re almost better off not uploading anything on Pinterest until you are 100% ready to either outsource the work to a Pinterest expert, or commit to growing your own Pinterest account every single day.

It really pains me to see perfectly curated and shot images that were uploaded to Pinterest without the proper SEO and strategy. There is nothing worse than NOT giving your content its best shot at ranking in the algorithm when you invested so much into producing that quality content to begin with.

That being said, today, I am going to outline the most common consistency Pinterest mistakes I see on Pinterest. Let’s dive in.

?Not Setting up a Consistent Schedule

No matter what your bandwidth is for posting on Pinterest, make sure you set up a consistent schedule you know you can maintain. Being consistent is more important than pinning frequently. Quality over quantity here is key. Alternatively, you can batch your pinning once a month if that works best for you.

? Not Giving Pinterest a Fair Shot

Nowadays, you need to give it a year of consistent pinning before you start seeing growth on this platform. Giving up when you hit a plateau is a big mistake as well. Just because your stats stay the same for awhile or they decrease, doesn’t mean you should stop pinning and give up. Pinterest rewards creators who stick with them long term.

?Mistaking Re-Pining as Quality, Consistent Pinning

Gone are the days when re-pinning your own content or other people’s content over and over help grow your Pinterest account. It is much more worth your time to create new blog posts and pins to promote on Pinterest instead. Your content should be fresh and relevant. Keep in mind that relevancy is more important than ever. Your pin topics should be relevant to the board you are pinning it to.

What were Pinterest marketing mistakes you were making, that you didn’t know about? I would love to know 🙂

-Adrianna from Kordial Media

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For over 3 years, Adrianna has designed and implemented Pinterest strategies for her own websites and those of her clients. She exclusively dedicates her time to growing clients’ website traffic through Pinterest Marketing. When she’s not working on Kordial Media, she enjoys a great workout with friends and cooking with her family!